Our Mission Statement

The Ruby LA is a feminist and inclusive comedy theater and school, openly founded on the ideals of intersectional feminism. This core value system is at the center of everything we do.

The Ruby is foremost a safe space where we aim to be fair, tolerant, supportive, determined, caring, respectful, communicative, transparent, kind, empathetic, compassionate, collaborative, active, passionate, generous, and where we advocate for each other, advocate for the underrepresented, and advocate for comedians & artists. Women, People of Color, non-binary folks, LGBTQIA folks, and all underrepresented voices are in a place of preference at The Ruby, without apology.

We believe in having an expansive understanding of intersectional feminism. We believe in valuing our community and the people in it above all else. Inspired by principles like equality, diversity, and inclusion, we have done away with the white-men-as-gatekeepers idea. We proudly employ a faculty and staff who are representative of the community we support.

We create, produce, and curate live shows, along with a variety of other kinds of content, that are driven by underrepresented voices in Hollywood.

We offer classes, workshops, panels and seminars that provide comedians & artists with the tools you need to support your own voice, your own passions, and tools that give you a leg up on being a well-rounded creator and content maker in the entertainment industry.

We lift up community as one of the most essential resources at our fingertips, and we support our community always, full stop.

We believe there is a fundamental shift happening in America right now, and we know comedy and comedians are on the front lines of that shift, especially in Hollywood. It is time for feminist men and women, who believe a change in the comedy scene is past due, to step up to the plate and enact the change we want to see. We may be the first of our kind, but we will not be the last.

We are The Ruby. And so are you.